Customer Testimonials


Happy Chem-Dry Customer

Dear S.S.C. Chem-Dry:

Everything was great! Will definitely be calling again!

-Julie S. Effingham, IL

Dear S.S.C. Chem-Dry:

I had 2 other companies come out to clean my carpets, and I wasn't nearly as thrilled with their work as I was with S.S.C. Chem-Dry. I will definitely give them a call back for all of my carpet and upholstery needs.

-Norma S. Mattoon, IL

Dear S.S.C. Chem-Dry:

Everything was great! Super please with how fast it dried.

-Wendolyn D. Mattoon, IL

Dear S.S.C. Chem-Dry:

My husband and I recently moved into a new to us house, and there was only one room that was carpeted. The carpet smelled like the people before us had dogs in there for weeks! The smell was awful! Thankfully, S.S.C Chem-Dry came and used their new PURT, which to my surprise, completed removed the urine smell from the carpet. We were able to enjoy our room less than 2 hours after the technician left. The dry time was just as surprising as the PURT. I will definitely use S.S.C.Chem-Dry again!

-Samantha W. Mattoon, IL

Dear S.S.C. Chem-Dry:

S.S.C Chem-Dry are miracle workers! I can't believe what they were able to achieve. I will definitely use them again!

-Bill S. Mattoon, IL

Dear S.S.C. Chem-Dry:

Just wanted to let you know that you guys cleaned my carpet on Wed of this week and we had huge urine odor issues. The guy was really great- made sure that all the water on the tile was cleaned up, unlike others who always leave huge puddles. He did an excellent job. Now for the huge issue- the odor. We've had odor issues for several years that have increasingly gotten worse. We considered pulling up the carpet and replacing it with wood but there was nothing wrong with the carpet other than the odor that no amount of rug cleaning could ever get out. I have it cleaned twice a year and still to no avail and once it's dry again the odor is back. Well not this time! When he finished I smelled "nothing". Still skeptical the next morning I came down and still NO odor. This morning- still no odor. This is amazing- I can't tell you how thrilled I am that my carpet has been saved and I don't have to cover up the odor anymore with candles and room fresheners. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It was expensive- but with the money I've spent on carpet cleaning services over the past several years with no success, it was worth it. I'll definitely use your services again and will tell others.

-Roxanna T. Terre Haute, IN