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Carpets to Improve Your Home

SSC Chem-Dry takes pride in our expertise in Carpet Cleaning in Mattoon IL. Our processes and professionally trained staff are ready and willing to give you the best experience possible with your carpet cleaning. We are committed to delivering results that we can all be proud of. You will see and feel a new freshness in your carpet that might have not been there since it was installed. We know carpets, and we are ready and willing to pass that expertise on to you!

Drier Cleaning is the Better Cleaning

By using 80% less water than other competing cleaning processes, Chem-Dry gets the job done fast as well as efficiently. Your home doesn’t just get clean; it also dries faster than our competitors as well. That means that you have more time to enjoy your home with your family and friends! Steam cleaning is known to leave your carpets damp for days, obstructing your day-to-day activites. However, using our tested process, we can get you back to your normal life in mere hours!

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The Natural Way

Our cleaning process is unique in that we use a tested solution devoid of the chemicals and harmful soapy substances that other processes commonly use. Ours uses the action of ‘Hot Carbonating Extraction’, which uses the power of millions of scrubbing bubbles to both get the dirt and grime out of your carpet as well as protect the fibers that make it feel as great as it looks. It gives a deeper and safer clean than other solutions, and that means a cleaner area to let your kids live in comfort. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance!

Better For You And Your Family

Our method assures that your carpet can avoid growing nasty mold or grime. This ends up being the product of flooding your carpet such as in traditional steam cleaning. That means yet another reason why you should pick Chem-Dry over the competing methods. An independent air quality lab found that our HCE method removes up to 98% of common allergens in your carpets and upholstery. This solution can help you keep your family in an environment in which they can feel safe and healthy in. We can help your home feel like home!

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Pet Stains Don’t Have to Ruin Your Carpet

We know we can handle any carpet and any stain, and that includes pet stains. We know that pets can add a lot to a home, but with that extra companionship can come extra work. When liquid urine dries, it can leave behind urine crystals that require extra attention to eradicate. We know just how to get these stains out once and for all, however, and we would be happy to take care of them for you. Our process begins with the basics, meaning that we give your carpet our full HCE treatment in order to get the visual stain out of the carpet. Afterwards, we apply our special formula that is made to destroy the urine crystals at the molecular level. The remnants of urine crystals also encourage pets to leave stains in the same area, so destroying them eliminates this altogether. This also eliminates the undesirable odor created by the crystals, creating a new level of freshness in your home. We know we can give you the carpet you love, no matter what the stain is!

Healthier Cleaning for a Healthier Home

We don’t just want to improve the quality of your carpets, we also want to positively affect the health of your home and your family by the time we are done. Your carpet typically acts as a filter for your home, and as such, we want to keep it as clean as possible to positively influence the health in your home. We want to eliminate harmful allergens in your home, and our revolutionary process has done just that for us. We wanted to get statistics on how well we can eliminate those allergens in your home, so we had an independent laboratory conduct a study on our results. That study found that we eliminate an average of 98.1% of common allergens found in your home. We know you’ll love the results that we can give you and how we can positively affect your home!

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A Clean for Every Carpet

We make it our goal to have the expertise and composure to clean any carpet that you have, and we have provided different packages that are tailored to any carpet! Our services start with our Basic Package, and it isn’t any slouch. We give the carpet our full HCE experience when you choose this package, eliminating the stains from your carpet and making it feel as fresh and new as when it was installed. After we clean the carpet, we cannot stress the importance enough about protecting your carpet from future dirt and stains. For this we have our Protection Package, which makes sure we apply our special protectant that keeps dirt and other stains out for good! When it comes to the ultimate cleaning experience, we have just the thing! Our Healthy Home Package makes sure we go above and beyond in our process, including an applied deodorizer that assures your carpet smells as fresh as it feels. You’ll fall in love with the vibrancy with your carpet, so call today to see what package is right for you!